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For my fellow crewmembers.
For all the Pilots, Navigators, Engineers
, Loadmasters and other Aircrew:
Once the wings go on, they never come off weather they can be seen or not. It fuses to the soul through adversity, fear and adrenaline, and no one who has ever worn them with pride, integrity and guts can ever sleep through the call of the wild that wafts through bedroom windows in the deep of the night. When a good pilot or aircrew leaves the “job” and retires, many are jealous, some are pleased and yet others, who may have already retired, wonder. We wonder if he knows what he is leaving behind, because we already know. We know, for example, that after a lifetime of camaraderie that few experience, it will remain as a longing for those past times. We know of in the world of flying, there is a fellowship witch last long after the flight suits are hung up in the back of the closet. We know even if he throws them away, they will be on him with every step and breath that remains in his life. We also know how with very bearing of the man speaks of what he was and in his heart still is. Because we flew, we envy no man on earth. Author Unknown.

About Us

Centurion Flight School is a dynamic and exciting flight school based at the Grasslands Airfield in Centurion. Founded by Pieter Kriel, CMS’s CFI(Chief flight instructor) an expert instructor with years of flight and flight instruction experience.


CFS has it’s own onsite CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Accredited and Approved Exam Center where you will be able to complete all your CAA required  online theoretical exams.



Are you already holding a PPL, WCM, CCM or LSA type rating and would like to convert to another rating? CFS offers you the option to do just that. 


Ever wanted to experience the freedom of  flying with wind in your hair? Book a adventure flight in a microlite with us today! CFS offers the most exciting, Free and scenic flying experience imaginable.



Ever thought of about flying yourself? Our instructors will show you the basic operation of WCM and CCM Rated Aircraft and let you take control under the supervision of a experienced instructor.

Airfield Details

Airfield Name: Grasslands

 Airfield Reg No: R089

GPS Co-ordinates:  (Lat/Long: S 25 49 42.80/E 028 05 34.16)
Frequency: 125.80
Mag Variation: 18 deg W / Elevation: 4560 FT
RADIO: JHB SRW 125.800
RUNWAY: 14-32, 850×14 m, Gravel / RUNWAY:06-24, 600×10 m, Grass (Under Construction)